David Lane's Photo Gallery


This photograph was submitted to the Rotary Rocket magazine photo contest in 1987.  I was taller back then, and blatantly sucking up to the California folks who were judging the contest.--ergo the "Rotary Rocket" T shirt, the hat, and the bottle of wine.  My strategy must have worked because the photo won an honorable  mention, and was published in the December, 1987 issue of the magazine.




This shot (right) was submitted along with the first, but it was not published in 1987.  I did not enter the photo contest the following year, so you can imagine how surprised I was to see it (again, with an honorable mention) in the results published in December 1988.  This is essentially how the car looks today, except it is now lowered by virtue of  Eibach Pro-kit springs



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