Winter Wankel Wonderland II Pictures

Pictures from this event can be found here
Named pitures taken by Wilson Northrup.
Numbered pictures taken by John Schubert.
Please contact the photographer before copying pictures...


More pictures can be found on the site:

Great video coverage on VCD is available through Hell-Bent Racing.

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I finally got all my 35mm developed, PhotoCD'd, and html-thumbnailed 
from the WWW-2 event. See them at:

Some comments on some of the pics:
That must be some trick Acura to get it to drift!
If they could, 1, 2, and 3 would all pass the Corvette... too bad the 
free for all lunch run was 55 mpg max!
This Saturn is only doing 5 mph around the turn...
Isn't this one of the signs of the Apocalypse: a Saturn and an Acura 
with "I'love'2DRIFT" plates are allowed on the track?
Which one of these doesn't belong?
Hey, Eric... he took your NV plates!
Gee ADee, Out of breath?! It wasn't that bad of a climb!
Vrooom! around that cork-screw!
My next project on my FC, Kompressor!
Well, he's now allowed on the track, but the 6 foot flames that went 
straight back are cooking his bumper and plate!
I'm going to get these rims for my FD too...

- --dan
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