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Turbo Timer Installation

How To Make the Stock Alarm Work With a Turbo Timer

This mod will allow the stock alarm system to be armed when the key is removed from the ignition with the vehicle idling using a turbo timer. Make sure you disconnect the negative cable to the battery before performing this mod.
The 20 pin connector from the car’s alarm CPU located behind the driver's left foot kick panel (see below, this is not the main ECU) has 2 wires you need to look at, cut wire 1C (Black with Yellow) and tape up the non-ECU end (it goes to the ignition switch). Using a splice connector connect the ECU end of wire 1C into wire 1B (white).

How to Identify the Alarm CPU

My 93 manual shows a half decent picture on page Z3-9. I found the page number last night... Remove the drivers left foot kick panel (have to remove the plastic door sill). On my 93 Touring, from the edge of the door working forward green door lock relay blue (relay?) with some big wires ECU #2, black .
It is the largest box, black. About 2 3/8" by 6.5" (without wire or bolt attaching points). The box gets thicker in the bottom half, right below the 20-pin connector. A 10 (?) pin connector in the upper left corner, the 20-pin maybe 1/3 of the way down, 2 connector ports out of the bottom but only the right one is used. I'd try and draw a picture, but it didn't work too well the last time...
Steve Stover

How To Install a GReddy Turbo Timer WITHOUT the GReddy Harness

I installed a GReddy timer last weekend without the 3rd generation RX-7 specific wiring harness. Many thanks to the two list members who were willing to disassemble their vehicles and look at where their HKS timer wires hooked into the ignition switch wires to assist me in identifying the proper wire color codes. I couldn't find any web posting for this procedure; all installation pages said use the RX-7 specific harness which was not available. For those about to undertake this project and do not have the RX-7 specific harness, I post this wire connection procedure.
1. Connect the 12V red wire from the GReddy timer to the black wire with the green stripe on the ignition harness.
2. Connect the blue ACC wire from the GReddy timer to the solid blue wire on the ignition harness.
3. Connect the green ON wire from the GReddy timer to the black wire with the white stripe on the ignition harness. The RX-7 specific harness connects this wire to the black wire with the yellow stripe. These are IG1 and IG2 wires and either will work.
4. Connect the black wire to ground.
5. For the purple speedometer signal wire from the GReddy timer, connect it to the green with red wire on the ECU. To identify it, remove the electrical plug nearest the carpet from the ECU. This is a 22 pin plug with two rows of 11 pins, but not all slots have wires coming from them. Position the plug so the lower left slot is empty.
Count the wires in the top row from the left. The 5th wire should be green with red.



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