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RX-7 Glossary

Does ASP make an AST?
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ABS - Anti-lock Brake System - prevents skidding and enhances car control during braking; the 3rd gen RX-7 has a 3 channel (two front, one rear) system
AIR PUMP - Pumps air into the exhaust and main catalytic converter to reduce pollution
ANTIROLL BAR (Sway Bar, Stabilizer Bar) - Suspension piece that limits the amount of body roll while cornering
ASP - A Street Prepared, SCCA racing class for highly modified cars
AST - Air Separation Tank - removes bubbles from coolant, often cracks and leaks, see the Coolant Tank Elimination how-to to get rid of it
ATDC - BTDC - After (Before) Top Dead Center, term used for adjusting ignition timing
BLOW-OFF VALVE - valve that bleeds off excessive boost pressure when the throttle is closed (like between shifts) by dumping air from the intake
BOOST - Intake pressure created by the turbocharger - given in pounds per square inch (PSI) or bar (metric), see the Manual Boost Controller how-to to adjust boost
BOOST CREEP - Slow rise of max boost at high rpm - caused by inadequate size of the wastegate
BOOST SPIKE - Sudden rise in turbo boost pressure, caused by second turbo coming online around 4500 rpm in modified 3rd gen RX-7's, see the Manual Boost Controller how-to for a way to reduce spiking
CFDF - Center Force Dual Friction clutch, recommended by the mail list but seems inadequate for drag racing
CRANE HI-6 - Ignition amplifier, increases strength of ignition spark, only needed when running higher than stock boost
CYM - Rare RX-7 exterior color, Competition Yellow Mica
ECU - Electronic Control Unit - the computer brain that controls the engine
EFINI - Japanese name for the 3rd gen RX-7
EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve - pollution control device that injects a small amount of exhaust gas into the intake stream to decrease combustion temperature and nitrous oxides
EVC - Electronic Valve Controller - Computer controlled boost controller (controls the wastegate)
- Pre-catalytic converter - the first part of the exhaust - decreases pollution at start up
* CAT - Main catalytic converter - the middle section of the exhaust
* CAT-BACK - The last section of the exhaust (from the CATalytic converter BACK) - usually includes a muffler
* DOWN PIPE - Replaces the Pre-Cat for better exhaust flow
* MID PIPE - Replaces the main catalytic converter for better exhaust flow
FCD - Fuel Cut Defenser - prevents the ECU from cutting fuel to the rear rotor when boost pressure exceeds approximately 11-13 psi, should only be used with GReddy FCON because it tells the ECU boost is lower than actual
FC3S - Another term for second generation RX-7 (1986 - 1991)
FD3S - Another term for third generation RX-7 (1993 - now)
FCON - Fuel CONtroller - Piggyback fuel controller that prevents a modified engine from running lean by fooling the ECU into supplying more fuel to the engine when at full throttle
GReddy - After-market performance parts manufacturer
HKS - After-market performance parts manufacturer
INTERCOOLER - (IC) A radiator-like device that hot, compressed air from the turbo flows through for cooling - increases horsepower and lowers risk of detonation
KOKO - Key On, Key Off - can temporarily cure some boost problems, it does a soft reset of the ECU
LSD - Limited Slip Differential - sends torque to the wheel that is spinning the least - all 3rd generation RX-7's have them
MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor (manifold pressure)
MM - Mostly Mazda, after-market parts maker and repair shop
N/A - Normally Aspirated (non-turbo), all 3rd gen RX-7's are turbocharged
NOS - Nitrous Oxide System - Nitrogen Oxide gas (and usually additional fuel) is injected into the intake to increase power
O2 SENSOR - OXYGEN SENSOR - tells the ECU how much oxygen is present in the exhaust, more O2 = lean mixture, less = rich (not used during wide open throttle)
OEM - (OE) Original Equipment Manufacturer
PEG - (PEP in 95) Popular Equipment Group (Package) - Sunroof, Rear Cargo Cover, Leather. In 1995, fog lights were added to PEG. Reading from the 1994 window sticker: 1PE POPULAR EQUIPMENT GROUP $1800
PFS - Peter Farrell Supercars - After-market performance parts manufacturer
PIGGYBACK ENGINE CONTROLLER - A non-stand-alone engine/fuel computer that works with the stock ECU such as the EFI PMS. The Motec and Wolf 3D computers are stand-alone--they eliminate the stock ECU
PMC - Powertrain Management Computer (PFS Purple Computer) - Piggyback engine control computer that controls boost, timing, and fuel, very programmable; sold by PFS, made by EFI
PMS - Programable Management System by EFI Systems - piggyback engine control computer that controls boost, timing, and fuel, very programmable, same unit as the PFS PMC
PROFEC - GReddy boost controller - electronically controls the wastegate to control boost, uses "fuzzy logic" to learn your car's boost pattern
PROFEC B - Similar to PROFEC but less programming and no "fuzzy logic"
R1 (93), R2 (94,95) - Sport tuned suspension version of the 3rd generation RX-7
RB - Racing Beat - High quality Japanese parts supplier
REBIC III - Used to control additional fuel injectors - GReddy
REBIC SIM - Allows more control of REBIC III - GReddy
SCCA - Sports Car Club of America
SS - Stainless Steel
SST - Special Service Tool, term used in the RX-7 Workshop Manual
SWAY BAR - See Antiroll Bar
TOURING - Equipment option (leather interior, sunroof, Bose sound, etc.)
TPS - Throttle Position Sensor
VR - RX-7 exterior color, Vintage Red
WASTEGATE - Valve that controls turbo boost pressure by allowing exhaust to bypass the turbo
WFO - WOT - Wide F'ing Open, Wide Open Throttle
Y-PIPE - Air pipe that collects air from the two turbochargers and connects to the plastic crossover tube (which often cracks at both ends). The Efini Y-pipe comes with a metal crossover tube and eliminates the unreliable rubber coupler between the Y-pipe and crossover tube. See the Efini Y-Pipe Install how-to.

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