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My Old Car  Mazda

(I sold it in July 00)
I bought it new from the dealer in February 93. It has a 1.3 liter, 2 rotor, twin sequential turbocharged rotary engine. When stock the engine put out 255 HP to the flywheel, it now pumps out 375 (320 at the rear wheels) and the car only weighs 2800 lbs. That's 7.5 lbs per horsepower.
Get in. Be moved.


I've done all the mods and metal polishing myself.
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Dual K&N cone air filters (not in photo above) with custom heat shield and Feed headlight air intake, greddy.gif (2568 bytes) intercooler & Type S blow-off valve, Pettite intercooler duct, polished ASP and greddy.gif (2568 bytes) aluminum intake pipes, polished Efini Y-pipe, polished intake manifold, Pettit Power Pulley, greddy.gif (2568 bytes) water pump and alternator pulleys, greddy.gif (2568 bytes) Power Extreme cat-back, N-Tech high flow main catalytic converter, Tri-Point stainless steel down-pipe, latest model PFS Powertrain Management Computer (EFI PMS) with keypad, manual boost controller, double throttle removed, autometer.gif (1188 bytes) fuel pressure gauge, Cyberdyne water temperature gauge, Crane Hi-6 ignition amplifier, Magnecore 10mm plug wires, silicone vacuum tubes, coolant air separation tank eliminated, air pump eliminated, EGR valve disabled, PCV valve eliminated, Redline MTL in the transmission, Racing Beat 3K hesitation ground, rotor shaped aluminum oil cap.
Porsche view


Genesis battery relocated to storage bin, battery disconnect switch, short shift mod with sparco.gif (532 bytes) shift knob, sparco.gif (532 bytes) "Ring" flat bottom steering wheel, simpson.jpg (4621 bytes) 5 point cam-lock racing harness, sparco.gif (532 bytes) gas pedal (for heel&toe), autometer.gif (1188 bytes) boost gauge and Cyberdyne digital water temperature gauge in an autometer.gif (1188 bytes) A-pillar pod, autometer.gif (1188 bytes) Pro Shift Light, autometer.gif (1188 bytes) air/fuel gauge, g_tech.gif (1487 bytes) performance meter, rear view mirror raised, 3M titanium window tint, arai.jpg (3695 bytes) helmet.


18 x 8 and 18 x 10 inch OZ Mito Modular wheels with 225/40 & 265/35 Pirelli P Zero tires, PFS Comfort Sport springs, Racing Beat stainless steel brake lines, Mandeville Autotech Big Brakes, Wilwood brake proportioning valve, larger Mazda 929 brake master cylinder, Speed Bleeders all around, Motul brake fluid, Racing Beat antiroll bar mount reinforcement, Suspension Techniques antiroll bar bushings.
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Mandeville Autotech Big Brakes


Pettit "Warrior Wing," Feed headlight intake, PIAA 1000 driving lights, 55/130 watt headlight bulbs, Zaino shine.

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