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How To Install a Fuel Pressure Gauge

By Rob Robinette

Installing this engine-bay mounted fuel pressure gauge is straightforward. You will need a 60 (or 100) psi gauge, a gauge fitting for a 3/8 inch fuel hose, and two 3/8 inch hose clamps. The fuel lines are actually 5/16 inch inside diameter hoses but the 3/8 inch gauge fitting will fit. I ordered the parts from Summit Racing (800 230-3030) for about $25.
fuelp_gauge.jpg (31464 bytes)

Fuel pressure gauge mounted at the fuel line (yes, I flushed the brake fluid)

fuel_gauge.gif (6086 bytes)

The diagram from the Work Shop Manual

fuel_gauge2.jpg (34999 bytes)

The gauge (liquid filled) and fitting from Summit Racing: Gauge - part # SUM-G3126 and Fitting - part # SUM-G1710 (for 3/8 inch hoses). Summit also sells AutoMeter fuel pressure gauges.

Put about two wraps of Teflon tape on the gauge's threads and screw it into the gauge fitting. Make sure the tape doesn't extend below the threads, you don't want any of the tape getting into the fuel lines. Hand tight will not be enough so use a large wrench or vise to hold the fitting and a small wrench to screw in the gauge.
fuel_filter2.gif (71525 bytes)

K&N fuel filter, AN-6 to 1/4 inch NPT adapter, 1/4 inch NPT 3 way adapter

Summit Racing sells a three foot AN-4 stainless steel fuel line to remote mount the gauge for about $30. Using this fuel line you can tape the gauge to your windshield for engine tuning. You'll need to get at least one insulated (rubber-lined) hose clamp to secure the line and gauge in the engine compartment. There are several pre-tapped 10mm bolt holes on the fender to bolt the fuel line down (see below).
fuel_gauge_line.gif (54030 bytes)

AN-4 fuel line and gauge

Try to do this with as little fuel in the tank as possible to minimize fuel spill. The fuel line you want to tap in to is the fuel line closest to the oil dip stick (see diagram above). It is a rubber hose that connects to a metal pipe near the engine. Before you start cutting the hose you have to release the fuel pressure so see the Release Fuel Pressure How-To for instructions. Now you can cut the fuel line but use a rag to keep fuel from spraying on you and have two 5/16 inch plugs ready to stop the fuel flow, two Bic pen type caps will work fine. The fuel will dribble out continuously unless you plug the hoses. The fuel lines have an insulation tube wrapped around them which makes them look larger than 5/16 inch. I had to remove the insulating tube from the fuel line so I could get the clamps on the hose. The insulation tube will come right off after you cut the fuel line. After installing the gauge and tightening the clamps you need to prime the fuel system.  See the Release Fuel Pressure How-To for instructions. Make sure there isn't any pooled fuel anywhere before you start the engine. Take a good look for fuel leaks and enjoy.
Normal idle fuel pressure is 28-32 psi. Pressure with the F/P (fuel pump) and GND (ground) diagnosis terminals jumpered should be 36-38 psi (see the Release Fuel Pressure How-To for info). You can check maximum fuel pressure (71-107 psi) by plugging (pinching) the fuel line on the engine side of the fuel gauge.
If you are installing an electric pressure gauge you can install the pressure sender in the same place in the same way and then route the output wire through the firewall to the gauge.
Rob Robinette

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