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How To Release the Fuel Pressure

By Rob Robinette

You need to do this before you replace the fuel filter or remove any fuel line. If you don't you will get squirted by high pressure fuel. After performing this you will need to Prime the Fuel System (see below).
1. Start the engine
2. Remove the CIRCUIT RELAY, it's located in the larger of two plastic fuse boxes near the battery, it is labeled on the top of the fuse box "CIRCUIT RELAY"
3. After the engine stalls, turn OFF the ignition switch
4. Install the circuit opening relay
5. Remove the gas cap to depressurize the fuel tank
Use a rag as protection from fuel spray when disconnecting the hoses and plug the hoses after removal

How To Prime the Fuel System

You will need to do this after you release fuel pressure to prevent excessive engine cranking during the first start.
1. Connect the diagnosis connector terminals F/P (fuel pump) and GND (ground) with a jumper wire, the connector is near the battery and has "DIAGNOSIS" stenciled on the lid.
release.gif (5495 bytes)
2. Turn the ignition switch ON for 10 seconds, the fuel pump will run, check for fuel leaks
3. Turn the ignition switch OFF and remove the jumper wire
Rob Robinette

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